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Corporate Governance

Chapter 1 General Provisions

The Articles of Incorporation Article 1 (Trade Name)

The Company shall be referred to as Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. InEnglish, it shall be indicated as KOREA SHIPBUILDING & OFFSHORE ENGINEERINGCO., LTD. (“KSOE” in abbreviation).

Article 2 (Purpose)

The purpose of the Company is to carry out the following businesses:
1. Acquisition, possession, and management of shares or equity of thesubsidiary company, etc. and related businesses;
2. Business management and technical representative business;
3. Administrative support business for the joint development and sale of goodsor services and the joint utilization of facilities and computer systems withthe subsidiary company, etc.;
4. Business of consignment work of the subsidiary company, etc. includingplanning, accounting, legal affairs, computing, etc.;
5. Education and training service business for the subsidiary company, etc.;
6. Rental and provision of brand, license, etc.;
7. Sale, rental and service businesses of intangible assets held by the Companyincluding knowledge, information, patent rights, utility model rights,copyrights, etc.;
8. Market survey, business management advisory service, and consultingbusinesses;
9. Technical research and research service businesses;
10. New technology-related investment, planning and management business andstartup support business;
11. Ship building, repairing and sale;
12. Manufacturing and sale of ship parts and steel products;
13. Investigation and appraisal concerning iron works of shipbuilding;
14. Trade business in relation with shipbuilding, offshore plant, and enginemachinery;
15. Facility business for prevention of environmental pollution;
16. Real estate sale and rental business;
17. Tourism business and incidental businesses thereto (excluding travel agencybusiness);
18. Leisure sports facility operation business;
19. Neighborhood living facility (restaurant, cafe, and barber and beauty artbusinesses) operation business;
20. Amusement place and theatre operation business;
21. Welfare facility (reading rooms, daycare centers) operation business;
22. Machine industry (manufacturing and sale of internal combustion engines andturbines, shafting, motion transfer devices, valves and fittings, molds, castingand forging products, pumps and motors, paper pulps, corrugating machinery,transport and unloading machinery, and metal working machinery);
23. Educational service business for corporate executives and employees;
24. Manufacturing business of tools and materials for vessels (manufacturing,sale, installation, repair and after-service of marine engines, stern tubes, shafts,propellers, anchors, rudders, and wiring products of electric machinery andapparatus, and sale, installation, and after-service of engine parts);
25. Electric machinery and apparatus technology development and researchbusiness;
26. Installation of machine equipment and training services;
27. Field engineering concerning shipbuilding, offshore plant, and enginemachinery;
28. Operation and maintenance of facilities;
29. Operational management of industrial planning business;
30. Production and recycling of parts;
31. Housing construction business and site development business;
32. Engineering activities and businesses;
33. Consulting business (specialized in technology);
34. Staffing business;
35. Designing and manufacturing business of guided aerial vehicles and launchvehicles;
36. System integration business (development and supply of software, andanalysis, designing and installation of integrated automation system);
37. Arena and stadium operation business;
38. Energy saving business;
39. Offshore structure installation and offshore-installed equipment rentalbusinesses;
40. Information business;
41. Business management and technical service business;
42. Scrap metal sale business;
43. Electrical safety management-specialized business;
44. Manufacturing and sale of new and renewable energy products, facilityengineering, power plant development, operational management andconstruction businesses;
45. Internet mail-order sale business;
46. Tree hospital, forest engineering, and recreational forest developmentbusinesses;
47. Research and development of food resources at home and abroad includingagricultural industry, livestock industry, etc. and related businesses incidentalthereto;
48. Marine transportation business;
49. Vessel chartering business and vessel management business;
50. Marine transportation brokerage business and shipping agency business;
51. Sale, rental, and service businesses of intangible properties including patentrights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, brand rights,copyrights, etc.;
52. Publication of periodicals and copyright management business;
53. Building management and service business;
54. Domestic and international advertising agency business and production andsale business of advertisements; and
55. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing.

Article 3 (Locations of the Principal Office and Branches)

① The principal office of the Company shall be located in Seoul Metropolitan City.
② The Company may establish branches in any location as necessary for business, byresolutions of the Board of Directors.

Article 4 (Method of Public Notice)

Public notices by the Company shall be made on the Company’s internet homepage( However, when the Company cannot make the public notice on theCompany’s homepage due to any electronic interruption or other unavoidable reasons, theCompany shall make the public notice in “The Korea Economic Daily”, a daily newspaperpublished in Seoul.

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