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Marine Engine & Machinery

Leading Eco-Friendly and High-Efficient Ship Technologies with Core Equipment by In-house Development & Production

With a share of 36% in the global market for large two-stroke engines and 28% for mid-sized four-stroke engines, the Engine & Machinery Division reached the milestone of 170 million combined horsepower for two-stroke engines and 11,500 units of HiMSEN engines so far. Particularly, the division is the only Korean engine maker with its own original technology to manufacture mid-sized HiMSEN engines, and its established reputation as the world No.1 engine builder is well supported by state-of-the-art facilities such as machining, assembly, and test.

The division is also providing key marine equipment including gas supply systems, regasification and re-liquefaction systems for LNG carriers, and propulsion systems as well as eco-friendly equipment including SOx scrubbers, NOx SCR systems, and ballast water treatment systems for domestic and foreign shipyards.

Main Products

Main Products - Table shows a list of products of Marine Engine & Machinery
Marine Engine 2-Stroke Engine, 4-Stroke HiMSEN Engine(Diesel, Gas, Dual Fuel)
Sternpost Propeller, Shaft & Rudder Stock
Marine Eco-Machinery Scrubber, Selective Catalytic Reduction System, Ballast Water Treatment System
LNG Fuel Gas Supply System Hyundai Integrated Gas Supply System(Hi-GAS), Hyundai Integrated ReGASification System(Hi-ReGas), Hyundai Innovative Economical Re-liquefaction System(Hi-ERS)
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