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Sharing Our Legacy of Challenge and Growth

In March 1972, the ground was broken on an empty stretch of beach in Ulsan to construct what would become the world's largest shipyard. Hyundai then started building the two oil tankers and the shipyard simultaneously. Two years later, in 1974, Hyundai held a ceremony to simultaneously name the two tankers and dedicate the shipyard.

Capturing the imagination of the international maritime community, the event was a historic first step for KSOE.


  • Achieved 20 million bhp in 4-stroke engine construction
  • Completed Gunsan Shipyard and Wind Turbine Factory
  • Developed eco-friendly HiMSEN Gas Engine
  • Acquired Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd
  • Achieved 100 million bhp production in 2-stroke marine engines


  • Completion of H-dock specializing in FPSO
  • Delivered the first ship equipped with Hyundai Heavy's Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Selected as " Power Transmission Equipment Company of the Year"
  • Achieved 90 million bhp in marine engine construction
  • Launched Korea's first hybrid patrol ship,Taepungyang 9
  • Acquired Hyundai Corp.


  • Groundbreaking for Gunsan Shipyard
  • Achieved 80 million bhp in marine engine production


  • Launched Korea's first Aegis destroyer, King Sejong the Great
  • Produced world's most powerful ship engine
  • Built world's largest LNG carrier, British Emerald (216,000㎥)


  • Delivered Korea's first oil development project (Rong Doi, Vietnam)
  • Delivered 1,800-ton class submarine, Son Wonil


  • Achieved 50 million bhp in marine engine production
  • Produced the 2,000th propeller


  • Produced the world's largest propeller (diameter: 9.1m, girth: 29m)
  • Delivered a next-generation 4,500-ton destroyer (KDX-II), Munmu the Great
  • Launched the first ship built using the On-ground Build Method


  • Produced the 1,500th propeller
  • Established third joint-venture in China
  • Achieved 40 million bhp in marine engine production


  • Delivered the 1,000th ship, bringing total ship tonnage to 80 million DWT
  • Inauguration of Hyundai Heavy Industries


  • Delivered the world's largest FPSO, Kizomba A (343,000 DWT)
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